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Learn about our goals, how our gypsy jazz guitar courses work, the process of registering as a student, course selection, and course payment.

Our aim is to provide fun and engaging gypsy jazz lessons to students worldwide. Our courses are delivered through high quality video gypsy jazz lessons and downloadable PDFs.

We are passionate about gypsy jazz guitar, and want to help you learn gypsy jazz with clear, concise instruction from an experienced tutor. It is our goal to contribute to the ever-growing worldwide community of gypsy jazz musicians by providing a learning experience that everyone interested in this style can take part in and enjoy.

Registering & Choosing a Course

The first step to learn gypsy jazz guitar with us is to register as a student. Registration is quick, simple and free of charge.

gypsy jazz guitar lessons / learn gypsy jazz guitar / django-style guitar

Registering as a student allows you to create your own personal profile. As a registered student, you will be able to sign in to your profile to view your profile information, including the courses you are currently taking.

gypsy jazz guitar lessons / learn gypsy jazz guitar / django-style guitar

Once registered, head to our course page to browse our current courses.

gypsy jazz guitar lessons / learn gypsy jazz guitar / django-style guitar
On our course page, you will find a list of the gypsy jazz courses currently on offer. To see the details and contents of each course, click on the icon to be shown to a video introduction and written description. You will also see a list of the lessons contained in the course to give you an idea of the material you will learn.

To take the gypsy jazz course you have selected click the ‘Take This Course’ button, and follow the prompts to pay the course fee. Once enrolled, you can start learning right away.

You may choose to take one course or multiple courses, depending on your own goals, ability and interests as a guitarist and musician. is designed to allow students to customise their curriculum so there are no prerequisites for any course.

It is possible to take our courses in any order. However for beginners to the style we highly recommended taking the courses Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals and Lead Guitar Fundamentals first, as together they cover many essential techniques and the fundamental vocabulary for learning gypsy jazz guitar. All additional courses will assume that the student has a good grasp of these basic concepts. So, if you feel you have taken a course that is beyond your current level, we recommend taking the appropriate ‘Guitar Fundamentals’ course to help reinforce the basics.

Learning gypsy jazz at involves access to a series of HD video lessons and accompanying downloadable PDF lesson material. Each course has been carefully divided into short video lessons to encourage you to take time to digest and practice the material you learn.

Course Payment

We offer a pay-per-course system to help you learn gypsy jazz guitar, so we charge no recurring subscription fees for our courses. You pay only for the courses you want to study, and receive lifetime access.

We offer payment for our gypsy jazz lessons exclusively through PayPal. Paypal is secure, quick and easy to use, and allows the use of both MasterCard and VISA. Please visit to learn more about PayPal.

gypsy jazz guitar lessons / learn gypsy jazz guitar / django-style guitar

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Harry Edwards (B. Mus. & B. A.)

Harry is a guitarist from Tasmania, Australia, who has extensive experience as both a performer and educator of gypsy jazz.

He is an enthusiastic teacher who holds a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts from the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music. Harry has also traveled to Europe to study extensively with leading gypsy jazz guitar players. He has received grants and scholarships from the Australian Arts Council, Arts Tasmania, Tasmanian Regional Arts & the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia towards his study of Jazz Manouche guitar.

Some of his mentors include Mathieu Chatelian, Samy Daussat, Sebastien Giniaux, Tcha Limberger, Christophe Lartilleux, Thomas Baggerman, Reinier Voet, William Brunard, Romain Vuillemin, Jean-Philippe Watramez, and Antoine Boyer.

In 2014, Harry also received Business Tasmania’s Small Business Award for his successful teaching and performance practice.

In 2015, Harry released his debut album of original compositions. This album reflects his love of gypsy jazz, modern jazz, and classical music.

Harry is passionate about sharing his knowledge of gypsy jazz guitar with students around the globe, and looks forward to being your teacher.

To learn gypsy jazz guitar with Harry, register now and choose a course that suits you!

gypsy jazz guitar lessons / learn gypsy jazz guitar / django-style guitar


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What Is Gypsy Jazz Guitar?

gypsy jazz guitar lessons / learn gypsy jazz guitar / django-style guitar

Django Reinhardt

Gypsy jazz guitar, otherwise known as ‘Jazz Manouche guitar,’ is a style pioneered through the playing of the late Belgian born guitarist and gypsy, Jean “Django” Reinhardt.

A genius musician and improviser, Django Reinhardt took inspiration from the American Jazz tradition of the early 20th century, fusing swing rhythms and articulation with his gypsy musical heritage. He is most known for his leading role in the French ensemble the “Quintet of the Hot Club of France,” where he featured as a soloist alongside violinist Stephane Grappelli from 1934-1948.

The playing of Django Reinhardt has inspired an entire sub-genre of jazz, one that is unmistakable in its hard swinging rhythm guitar and passionate lead improvisations: gypsy jazz.

The style continues to grow in popularity around the world, though it’s cultural centre remains in Europe. There are many contemporary performers of the style, and some of these include Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Nous’che Rosenberg, Fapy Lafertin, Lollo Meier, Samy Daussat, Adrien Moignard, Sebastien Giniaux, Antoine Boyer, Gonzalo Bergara and Mathieu Chatelain.

In gypsy jazz guitar, there are typically two main roles to be learnt, that of a rhythm player or accompanist, and that of a lead player or soloist. Both are equally important to the sound of a swinging gypsy jazz ensemble.

Learn gypsy jazz rhythm and lead guitar with us here at by registering today. Once a registered student you can choose a course that suits your ability and goals as a guitarist and musician.

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