Gypsy Jazz Backing Tracks (O-Z)

Please note: these backing tracks use a contemporary Parisian-style of gypsy jazz accompaniment which allows for similar volume on all 4 beats, with the variation being in how each beat is articulated (IE often the bulk of the chord on the 1 and 3, and a non-muted short rhythmic stab on the 2 and 4).

Another variation is to emulate early Django-style accompaniment by adding more emphasis to beats 2 and 4 via increasing the volume and attack of these beats. Please experiment with both variations when practising your accompaniment.

A-H   I-N

(Je Suis) Seul Ce Soir

Some Of These Days

Stompin' At Decca

Sweet Chorus

Sweet Georgia Brown

Swing Gitan

Swingtime In Springtime

Swing 48


The Sheik Of Araby

Them There Eyes

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise


What Is This Thing Called Love (Slow, Medium & Fast)