Gypsy Jazz Backing Tracks / Play Alongs For Tunes

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You’ll find free gypsy jazz backing tracks for tunes, as well as chord vamps and short chord progressions, available to stream below. Due to the large number of backing tracks, the play alongs for tunes are now split over three pages, and listed alphabetically.

Simply click the title of the track you are looking for to reveal the play along, which includes an on-screen chord chart. Backing tracks feature both rhythm guitar and double bass, however please ensure you are using quality speakers if you wish to make use of the high quality audio. When using backing tracks on smartphones/tablets, the bass can be lost. We recommend using a computer with external speakers for the best play along experience.

We are continuing to add more backing tracks on a regular basis, so please bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates. These will include backing tracks to more uncommon and modern tunes that have become a part of standard gypsy jazz repertoire. Using these play-alongs is a great way to improve your soloing and accompaniment abilities as a gypsy jazz musician

Please note that these play along’s are provided free of charge for educational purposes only.

Please note: these backing tracks use a contemporary Parisian-style of gypsy jazz accompaniment which allows for similar volume on all 4 beats, with the variation being in how each beat is articulated (IE often the bulk of the chord on the 1 and 3, and a non-muted short rhythmic stab on the 2 and 4).

Another variation is to emulate early Django-style accompaniment by adding more emphasis to beats 2 and 4 via increasing the volume and attack of these beats. Please experiment with both variations when practising your accompaniment.

A-H   I-N   O-Z   Chord Vamps/Short Progressions


Why Use A Gypsy Jazz Backing Track?

Using a gypsy jazz backing track can be a useful tool to help you learn gypsy jazz rhythm and lead guitar, and many of our gypsy jazz lessons are intended to be used with play along’s.

As a gypsy jazz rhythm player, you can use backing tracks to simulate locking in with an ensemble. Playing rhythm along with a backing track helps you to work on your consistency as an accompanist. As a gypsy jazz lead player, you can practice playing melodies and improvising over the given chord changes of the backing track. This can help to improve your confidence and competence in playing melodies and improvising over tunes.

Of course, it is always a good idea to practice as well without any chordal accompaniment. Practicing with a metronome in place of a backing track, for example, allows you to focus on really outlining the chord changes. When there is no accompaniment to provide a strict context for the melody/improvisation being played, the onus is on the soloist to clearly reflect the chords in their improvisations.

To help you work with our gypsy jazz backing tracks, please consider taking one of our specialised gypsy jazz courses. Our courses are designed to provide you with the essential techniques and vocabulary to help you learn gypsy jazz, as well as exciting ideas to use in your playing.

Hope you enjoy playing along!