Gypsy Jazz Chord Book


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Product Description

The Gypsy Jazz Chord Book is a 10 page downloadable PDF document. The book contains diagrams of essential chord voicings used in gypsy jazz guitar.

Upon purchase you will receive your download link immediately via email.

Features of the Gypsy Jazz Chord Book include:

  • Over 40 gypsy jazz chord diagrams, with appropriate fingerings.
  • Chord diagrams for all common Maj, Min, 7th and altered chord voicings.
  • All gypsy jazz chord diagrams presented with ‘C’ as the root note, so that students can see differences in chord structures.

For thorough instruction on the specifics of playing each chord, please consider taking our gypsy jazz rhythm guitar course Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals where each chord is taught and demonstrated via video tuition. The Gypsy Jazz Chord Book is included as part of the course material.

What Are Gypsy Jazz Chords?

Many of the chords found in the gypsy jazz guitar style are very indicative of the genre, both in sound and fingering. For example, it is common for major and minor chords to have notes such as the 9th and 6th included in the chord voicing. It is also common for many gypsy jazz chords to be played in ‘thumb position,’ whereby the thumb of the fretting hand grabs the bass note of the chord. Of course, many players prefer to play straight triads, and these voicings are also included in the Gypsy Jazz Chord Book.