Gypsy Jazz Chord Vamp Backing Track Pack


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Product Description

Our Gypsy Jazz Chord Vamp Backing Track Pack includes 18 professionally recorded gypsy jazz backing tracks for practicing your lead playing over specific chord types. Accompaniment features rhythm guitar and double bass, with separate channels for each instrument. Each track is roughly 3 minutes in length.

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Tracks include in this download are:

  • 3 Dominant 7th Chord Vamps: G7, D7, & E7
  • 3 Minor Triad Chord Vamps: Gm, Dm, & Am
  • 3 Major Triad Chord Vamps: Gmaj, Cmaj, & Fmaj
  • 3 Major ii V I Progression Vamps: G maj, C maj, & Fmaj
  • 3 Minor ii V I Progression Vamps: Gm, Dm, & Am
  • 3 Cycle of 4ths Progression Vamps: Dominant 7th, Minor Triad, and Major Triad Chords: 8 Bars each around the cycle in all 12 keys.

Why use a chord vamp?
Using a gypsy jazz chord vamp allows the player to develop improvisation material over specific chord types, which they can then apply to improvising over complete songs. In addition, working on common jazz chord movements such as the ii V I progression, and the movement of chords around the cycle of 4ths, is a useful tool for developing improvisation skills and confidence.

Sample some of the tracks of the gypsy jazz vamp tracks below!