Harry Edwards Trio – Self Titled Album (MP3 Digital Download)


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Debut album of original compositions by the Harry Edwards Trio featuring Harry Edwards (Lead Guitar), Felicity Lovett (Rhythm Guitar), and Isaac Gee (Double Bass).

This album reflects the bands eclectic influences, including gypsy jazz, modern jazz, and classical music. Harry wrote most of the material for this CD whilst studying with Jazz Manouche artists throughout Europe.


  1. Blue Silas (4.09)
  2. Suite For Giniaux: Part I (3.26)
  3. Suite For Giniaux: Part II (4.41)
  4. Suite For Giniaux: Part III (2.48)
  5. Princes Street (4.27)
  6. Grit (5.31)
  7. It Is Always Now (4.42)
  8. Murren (3.24)
  9. Meditation (4.44)
  10. Kitty Blanc (3.01)
  11. From Marjorie (3.10)
  12. We Need Each Other (2.40)
  13. Tasmania (5.40)

Disclaimer: This is not a straight up gypsy jazz album. Whilst the album features gypsy jazz instrumentation, the compositions draw on gypsy jazz, modern jazz, and classical music.

Listen to three sample tracks below!