Lead Guitar Fundamentals – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Course

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Product Description

*Please visit the ‘Lead Guitar Fundamentals’ course page for a full description, introductory video, and list of lessons contained within the course. You can purchase this course either via our shop (click ‘add to cart’), or via the course page (click ‘take this course’).*

Learn and master the fundamentals of gypsy jazz lead guitar playing in this comprehensive course. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn gypsy jazz lead guitar, feel like exploring a new and interesting guitar style, or would like to add something new to your playing, this course can really help.

In this course you will learn, develop and master:

  • Strong left and right hand technique, allowing you to produce the best tone possible on your instrument.
  • The powerful gypsy jazz rest-stroke picking technique.
  • The melody to two popular gypsy jazz standards, ‘Dark Eyes (Les Yeux Noirs)’ and ‘Avalon’.
  • Several horizontal Django-style arpeggios commonly used in gypsy jazz (Including triad, diminished and multi-purpose arpeggios).
  • Listening and transcribing skills through focused ear training sessions.
  • Techniques to create musical phrases, including articulations (vibrato & string bending), embellishments, phrase-connecting, and using rhythmic variation and space.
  • The confidence and tools to begin improvising on your instrument.

For a one-off fee you’ll receive lifetime access to this course.

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Course Features

  • 29 HD gypsy jazz guitar video lessons (scroll down to see a list of all the lessons included in this course)
  • Over 2.5 hours of gypsy jazz guitar tuition from a professional guitarist and teacher.
  • 25 page PDF course workbook, including gypsy jazz chord charts for ‘Avalon’ and ‘Dark Eyes (Les Yeux Noirs),’ and transcriptions of lesson material in TAB and standard notation.
  • Exclusive access to a dedicated private forum for this course, where you can pose questions to your tutor and fellow students relating to lesson material.

(For a comprehensive study of gypsy jazz guitar fundamentals, it is recommended to take both ‘Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals,’ and ‘Lead Guitar Fundamentals.’)